If you and your family like to maintain an active lifestyle throughout the year, renting a storage unit is an excellent way to preserve items that are only used for specific seasons like summer and winter. Proper storage is critical to keeping your snowmobile, skis and other toys in good condition in the off season.  With this in mind here are some quick storage tips.


Rent a Storage Unit

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all your belongings, a storage unit is the solution for putting aside seasonal items that you don’t need all year.

A storage unit minimizes clutter in your home or garage; with video surveillance, your snowmobile, skis and other toys will be safe.

Inspect your toys

A lot of wear and tear can happen over a season – sometimes it’s only noticed long afterwards. To limit the damage, inspect them closely before storing.

Clean before Storing


In most cases, it’s important to clean your toys thoroughly before storing them for the season. In the case of a snowmobile for examples, cleaning the unit from salt and dirt build up prevents it from deteriorating over the summer.

Fill the tank and add Stabilizer

When storing seasonal items like snowmobiles or jet skis, it’s important to fill the tanks and add a high quality stabiliser before storing.


Fog the Engine

This is when you apply a coating of extra lubricant to the engine and other components using a fog spray specifically designed for storage. This is another step that will help prevent premature corrosion.  Along with the fog spray make sure to oil other metal parts with WD-40.


Remove the Battery


Make sure the battery is kept in a climate controlled environment which might mean removing it entirely if you are storing in an outdoor facility. Keep the battery on an automatic battery charger away from anything flammable.


Block Off all Vents


Fill the exhaust, cooling and air intake holes using steel wool. This will prevent dust, debris and unwanted critters from taking up residence inside.  Just don’t forget to remove the steel wool before taking it out of storage.




It’s important to keep your toys off the ground at all times during storage using cinder blocks or rollers. This gives it more space to breath by keeping it away from ground moisture that can corrode the vehicle.


Protect your investments by storing your toys properly to ensure longevity.