Renting and Self Storage


Renting an apartment anywhere these days is very expensive and the bigger the apartment the more expensive it is.  Living in a smaller place you end up tripping over things or have stuff falling out of closets due to lack of space.  If this is the case, it is time to call a self storage facility.
Signs you need more space:

You can’t find anything.  If you’re constantly looking for your stuff then it’s time to clean and organize but you have no where to put anything.

Your closets are bulging.  If you are afraid to open your closets for fear of items flying out at you and they are full of seasonal items.

You have a tight budget.  You would like to bigger place for more have more living space but budget restrictions are preventing the move.



Living in smaller spaces is all the rage these days with rent at an all time high but you need to maximize the space your do have.  Self storage units can help.  They are an affordable solution to living clutter free and optimizing your current space by storing items you want to keep but do not have room for.