Renovating and Self Storage


With warmer weather around the corner, this is the ideal time to paint and renovate your home. Whether you’ve just purchased a new property or sprucing up an old place, it’s important to ensure that the contents of your home are safely stored away during the renovation process.

If you have heirlooms, antiques and important items that are fragile you may want to consider moving them into a storage facility so they are not susceptible to dirt or damage. Take inventory of what you are storing and package each item so it’s protected and easy to find once your renovation is complete.

Here are some other things to consider when undertaking a home renovation.



If you’re re-doing a basement, flooring or any kind of drywall work, your home will be dusty and full of debris and will be in need of a good clean after the renovation process. Keeping your items in storage is an easy and effective way to store them safely and cleanly until your home is ready.  It’s very difficult to get drywall dust out of your furniture.



Renovation projects take up space – from materials and equipment to the people working on your home. Mobility is important to ensure the job get done smoothly and correctly.  If you have many items lying around, you may even miss spots of your home that could need touch-ups and fixing.



If you’re going to have workers coming in and out of your home, it might be difficult to keep a watchful eye over your important items. While you want to trust that you’ve hired a good team of workers, reducing the risk of theft is important and keeping your items locked away in a secured storage facility while your home is in transition is the best way to ensure that your items are kept safe.

Renting a storage unit for the duration of your renovation is cheaper than replacing damage, lost or stolen items from your home. With rentals being on a month to month basis there is no long term contract giving you the freedom to move your items back home when the renovation is complete.