Insurance Options for Self Storage

Unforeseen and unexpected losses can happen as the result of natural disaster, weather and other events beyond anyone’s control. Protecting your stored goods from such losses is your responsibility.  While pre-cautions are taken to provide you with a safe and secure storage environment, your self-storage facility is not responsible for any damage that may occur.  For that reason, we offer Safestor – an inexpensive optional insurance plan to safeguard your stored goods.

Often, customers who store their goods are moving and are between homes. As a result they may have no homeowner’s, renters or other insurance policy in effect to protect their stored goods.  But even when they do these policies often restricts the amount of coverage for goods stored away from the insured residence.  Call you insurance company to find out what coverage you have.

Safestor was especially designed to provide self-storage customers with low-cost insurance for their goods while in storage. Safestor is available in $1000.00, $5000.00, $10,000.00 or $15,000.00 coverage limits with a $100.00 deductible for each covered loss.  Safestor covers you in case of loss or damage due to fire, hurricane, tornado, wind, earthquake, vandalism, vermin, lighting, smoke, hail, building collapse, explosion, leaking water and burglary.  Burglary coverage applies only when there are visible signs of forced entry and a police report is filed.

In the event of loss, the value of the property will be determined as of the time of loss, and will be the least of the following amounts:

The actual cash value of that property; The cost of reasonable restoring that property to its condition immediately before the loss; The cost of replacing that property with substantially identical property.

You can purchase Safestor with your storage rental contract and your coverage becomes effective at the moment you have selected the level of coverage you desire. It is as easy as signing the form and making your payment.  Your insurance premium will be charged monthly with your storage rent and nonpayment is considered to be a cancellation at the request of the insured. For more information or to purchase insurance contact your storage facility.