Fluctuating Temperatures and Storage

Certain items can be greatly damaged or destroyed by the effects of heat and humidity but climate controlled storage can prevent these sad stories. The ideal storage temperature is between 60 – 85 Degrees Fahrenheit with around 50% relative humidity to keep all your belongings protected from fluctuating temperatures.

Here are some ways that many of your favourite things can become damaged during storage when exposed to heat or humidity and why climate controlled storage is necessary.


High humidity can cause mold to grow on paper or canvas. Plus high temperatures may cause deterioration of art materials.  Even sculptures are susceptible to the damaging effects of humidity and fluctuating temperatures.  Damage may come in the form of cracks, erosion, and warping or colour changes.


Heat and humidity can damage vinyl records beyond repair. Not only will the records themselves warp when exposed to heat, the paper album cover can develop mold with exposure to dampness from high humidity and temperature fluctuations.  DVD’s, CD’s, cassette tapes, and other forms of media can suffer a decline in image and sound quality with exposure temperature extremes.



Cold, fluctuating temperatures and dampness are enemies of electronic devices such as stereo’s, camera’s, monitors, TV’s and audio equipment. When cold equipment warms up again, condensation can form inside causing damage.  LCD screens and batteries are particularly susceptible to damage caused by temperature extremes.



Furniture covered with fabric has a lot of area for potential mold growth. When mold forms on upholstered furniture exposed to high humidity, repair can be very difficult or impossible.

Even the strongest wooden furniture can crack, split, warp or weaken when subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations. Wood reacts to temperature changes with expansion and contracting, which can cause considerable damage to antiques and family heirlooms.  Even metal furniture can corrode and weaken when exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity.

You can relax when you store your precious belongings with us here at Premium Storage. We have over 170 various sized units inside our climate controlled facility where temperature fluctuations will not be a factor.