Decluttering Your Closet


Spring is here and as we eye up those new season pieces, the current state of our wardrobe comes into sharp focus. With buying new pieces of clothing comes a harsh dose of reality.  It’s time for a closet refresh – we need to create more space.  A total clear out results in tipping the contents of our wardrobe onto the floor but you don’t want to put everything back in again.  This is a great time to weed through your entire collection bit by bit.




Once it’s all in front of you, begin sorting items into three piles – Keep, Stash and Donate – and give yourself some boundaries. If you haven’t worn it in a year, chances are you’re not going to wear it now.  Ask yourself four questions:

Do I like it?
Do I wear it?
Does it fit?
Does it need repaired?

If you are having a real struggle deciding, store “maybe” pieces out of sight and after a while pull all the pieces out and re-evaluate. Donating items gives you a sense of satisfaction knowing someone else will enjoy them as much as you have.



After you have purged, you should clean. This is the perfect time to do a deep clean while everything is out of the closet.  Dust all rods, shelves, cubicles and hard to clean areas at the back of your closet.




Your closed should have a mixture of hanging rods, shelves/cubbies, hooks and vacant floor space. In smaller space be sure to use the space behind or over your door.  Put the clothes and shoes you use and wear regularly within reach and store seasonal/rarely used items up high or out of sight.  Organize clothing by category, grouping like items together (dress pants, jeans, casual shirts, then blouses etc.)  You can also organize by colour.