Contractors and Self Storage
Keeping your Tools and Equipment Safe

If you’re a contractor, your livelihood likely depends on the expensive tools and equipment that you have invested in. These are assets that need to be protected.  In order to keep your tools safe and functioning properly, storage is crucial.  If you are running out of space at home or in your work shed and need additional room, think about investing in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit.

Instead of keeping your materials, equipment and tools on-site and exposing them to vandalism, theft and weather damage, you can rent a centrally located storage unit to protect them. The benefits of renting a storage locker include: 




Self Storage solutions are capable of saving your business substantial amounts of money. Most facilities do not require upfront capital expenses and you don’t need to worry about utility costs such has heat and hydro.  Month to month contracts make it easy to leave if you no longer require the unit.

Climate controlled units are more expensive but well worth it when you won’t need to replace expensive items that have been damaged due to temperature fluctuations.




Most storage facilities are centrally located and have drive up or drive in doors for easy off and on loading. If you live in areas where the temperature fluctuates by the season an indoor climate controlled unit will provide the best environment for maintaining and even extending the life of your tools and equipment.  No need to worry about humidity or the extreme cold causing damage to your items.



Protecting your assets is a top priority for all contractors and indoor storage will provide the best security to ensure you items are safe and secure. With limited access, numerous security cameras inside and out and sufficient lighting you can rest assured that all your tools, equipment and materials will be protected.

Without storage, contractors and employees have to haul equipment to and from the work site every single day or leave everything on-site and risk damage or theft.