How to keep your home Warm and
Cozy during the Winter Season


We live in Muskoka so you can expect to have long cold winter seasons with wind, snow, ice and frigid temperatures.  We tend to hibernate until the warmer weather comes but we can make our homes warm and cozy during this time and here is how.


If you are like me who is always cold, especially my feet, the last thing we want is to feel the cold floors.  You may not have in floor heating but you can place area rugs and carpets down to form a barrier between you and the cold.  They will not only keep your feet warmer but will add an element of coziness to your home.  I personally love slippers and have a pair beside my bed and the front door.



We don’t have much, or any, greenery outdoors this time of year so bring some indoors by adding plants to your favourite rooms.  Plants add brightness to your home and also have additional benefits such as boosting your mood, reducing stress, cleaning the air by absorbing   toxins and add new life to your home.


There is nothing better than covering up with a cozy blanket on those cold bitter days.  Keep them handy by draping them over your couch, chairs and beds.  Blankets can also help keep your heating costs down.




A hot drink can warm you up even on the coldest days.  Always keep coffee, tea and hot chocolate on hand.  Sitting snuggled in a blanket with a hot drink watching the snow fall outside is so calming.


Having a wood burning stove during those frigid days makes all the difference.  It heats the entire house while the glow from the flame gives a warm, cozy feeling.

If you do not have a wood stove, light some candles in a scent you love.  Candles will also warm a room up quite a bit while making your home smell wonderful.



                During the warmer months we tend to decorate with bright coloured accents throughout the house.  Try switching to deep colours and more luxurious accents.  A deep red or actual faux-fur pillows will give that feeling of warmth.  Adding extra pillows will add to the cozy vibe.